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Jason's Story

Jason's Story
Posted May 6, 2020

My work over the past 12 months with Oasis has been life-changing, plain and simple. I've transformed from being a person with hardwired negative default settings and attitudes built around a lifetime of fear, depression, and anxiety, to someone who now has self-respect and self-esteem and self-confidence.

I was emotional at the drop of a hat, often in professional and personal circumstances where this was not appropriate. Addiction issues caused me bankruptcy on every level: professional, financial, psychological, and spiritual.

I now no longer need recourse to addictive or harmful actions or behaviours. I am beginning to intuitively know the right way to react to challenging and stressful situations, and reframe my thinking positively rather than negatively as I did for more than 40 years.

Rob has an unconventional counselling approach, but after many, many years of counselling in other settings where my core underlying issues weren't fully addressed, his ability to earn my trust and confidence and take me into areas which have been highly painful and uncomfortable, yet ultimately essential and necessary, has been unparalleled in my experience.

It is no small thing to say that despite some considerable short-term challenges (mainly financial), I now feel positive about the future and consider myself a worthwhile and relevant member of society, something which just a few months ago I would have considered unthinkable and unachievable

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