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Giveaway Terms & Conditions

The Salvation Army, Oasis GAMBLING HARM AWARENESS WEEK 2022: ONLINE QUIZ Terms and Conditions


The Salvation Army Oasis Gambling Harm Awareness Week Online Quiz (“Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022”) is open for completion from 5 September to 11 September 2022.

1. The giveaway selection for the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 is for $50 vouchers/gift cards for Countdown, MTA (petrol only), Whitcoulls, and Mitre10.  The total giveaway fund is $2,250.00.

2. The giveaway is open only to residents of New Zealand.  

3. To be eligible for a giveaway, you must:

a.      answer all the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 questions, and

b.      complete the box requesting, as confirmation that you want to enter the giveaway draw, your e-mail address. 

This will be deemed one entry and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

4. Identification of entrants to receive vouchers will be commenced during the week commencing 12 September 2022.  

5. Entries will be sorted by the number of correct answers. The group of entries which correctly answer all the questions in the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 will then be subject to a random selection, and clauses 6 to 8 of these terms and conditions will apply to each selected entry.  If every entry that has correctly answered all the questions is selected and giveaways remain, the group of entries which got all-bar-one question correct will be subject to random selection and so on down in descending order of correct answers until all the giveaways have been allotted.

6. If your eligible entry is selected, The Salvation Army Oasis will contact you at the e-mail (a “Giveaway e-mail”) address given in your Quiz response and, in order to receive a voucher, you must provide (in writing, in response to the Giveaway e-mail) a New Zealand residential address and contact name for delivery of your voucher.  You must provide this information within 72 hours of notification that your entry has been selected.

7. If you provide suitable details in response to a giveaway e-mail, The Salvation Army Oasis will post a voucher to you within 48 hours of receiving your information.

8. If you do not respond to a give-away e-mail within the required 72-hour timeframe or you provide insufficient information for The Salvation Army Oasis to post you a voucher, The Salvation Army Oasis will randomly select another entrant to contact (previously selected entries being excluded from the next draw)

9. The selection processes will be undertaken by The Salvation Army Oasis.  All decisions regarding eligibility and completion or re-selection of the process for receiving a prize voucher are at the discretion of The Salvation Army Oasis.

10. The voucher provided to eligible entrants will be selected at random.  Entrants cannot select a preference for a Countdown voucher or a petrol voucher.  Giveaways are not redeemable or exchangeable.

11. Entries received after 11 September 2022 (NZ time) will not be eligible for inclusion in the giveaway.

12. The Salvation Army Oasis will take care of any personal information that you supply as described in our privacy policy. Information provided through participation in the prize give-away process will not be made available to third parties (except as required by law) nor used to contact you for other purposes.\

13. The Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 includes a separate tickbox if you wish to be contacted regarding concerns you have about your gambling or the effect of someone else’s gambling on you.  Unless you tick that box, The Salvation Army Oasis will not use the personal information you have provided while participating in the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 to contact you about any of its services.

14. The Salvation Army accepts no responsibility for entries that are delayed, misdirected, incomplete, or cannot be entered, including for any technical or other reason.

15. The Salvation Army accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred by you as a result of entering the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 selection or accepting of a giveaway. The Salvation Army further disclaims liability for any injury or damage to your or any other person’s technical devices (e.g. a number of devices including computers and phones) relating to or resulting from participation in the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 or requesting eligibility to participate in the giveaway.

16. The Salvation Army Oasis has and reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue any aspect of the Oasis GHAW Quiz 2022 or the giveaway selection.

17. Staff members and family of staff members of The Salvation Army are not eligible to participate in the giveaway selection.