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The Salvation Army Wrap-Around Support

Oasis counsellors can support people to access these services at no charge. It is part of our service to support people to find other services that can also assist them.

We can do this by either calling a service during a session to help you to reach out to another service; drive you to another service; meet you at another service at an agreed time and offer support during the initial appointment.

There are a huge range of services at the Salvation Army that we can help you to access

  • The Salvation Army Bridge: Support to reduce the harm of alcohol and other drugs in one's life. Residential programmes and community-based programmes.
  • Prison Reintegration ServicesWrap-around support for people to gain vocational training and skills – vital for life after prison.
  • Supportive Accommodation Services: Empowering people to find a home, along with wrap-around support services that enable them to transform their lives.
  • Recovery Church: A welcoming community for people in recovery (from trauma or addiction), who gather together to share their experiences together in a non-judgemental space of spiritual comfort. 
  • Community Finance loans: Helping people on a low income (waged or non-waged) to get out of debt with a low or no interest loan, along with budgeting education
  • Food banks, clothing and furniture: The Salvation Army’s Community Ministries provide emergency clothing, furniture and food donations throughout New Zealand.
  • Driver mentoring trainingA regional programme located in the South Island which upskills and trains marginalised people, including refugees. Who obtain their drivers licence, leading to greater personal freedom, independence and new opportunities.
  • Early childhood education centres and youth programmes: Helping children and young people to achieve their potential. 
  • Court chaplaincyAssistance for court appearances for victims, defendants, witnesses or others in need of non-legal practical support.

In the first instance, make a free call to The Salvation Army Call Centre on 0800 53 00 00 to find out about the services available in your area.