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Education, awareness and screening workshops for community groups and health professionals

At Oasis, we promote community awareness of gambling harm. We provide education workshops for communities on the health and social risks associated with gambling harm, myths about chance and luck, and how to respond to risky gambling situations. We also provide screening training and support for health and welfare professionals who work with populations that are likely to have co-existing gambling problems.

Our workshops include stories of change from those who have lived experience of gambling harm. 

Workshops for community

Our Oasis professionals welcome the opportunity to raise awareness of gambling harm among community groups, school or tertiary students, recovery groups, health and welfare clients, local businesses, and any other group interested in learning about gambling harm in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our team of gambling experts can tailor a workshop with the latest facts and statistics from your area, in a format that works for you.

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Gambling in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Health and social risks associated with gambling harm
  • Myths about chance and luck, the odds of winning, etc.
  • Early signs of gambling harm and how to respond
  • Reducing stigma and empowering people to seek help
  • Online gambling and gaming
  • How to influence healthy gambling policy in your community
  • Options for support at Oasis and other gambling harm services

Please get in touch with us to book a workshop in your community.

Workshops for health and welfare professionals

Research shows that people experiencing gambling harm often have other issues that impact on their lives. A 2008 study (Kessler et al) found that over 96 percent of those meeting the criteria for severe gambling harm also met criteria for other mental health and addiction issues, such as substance use, anxiety, or depression. Two-thirds of people with serious gambling problems had three or more co-existing mental health issues. 74 percent of these gamblers had lived with the co-existing issue(s) before developing a gambling problem.

Only about 5 percent of people harmed by gambling in New Zealand seek formal help. 

When people come into contact with services, it is typically in a crisis situation, or for other issues such as substance addiction, relationship breakdown or housing and finance issues, leaving the gambling harm unrecognised and unaddressed. 

There is a clear need for an integrated approach between specialist gambling harm services and other health and welfare agencies, so that “any door is the right door” for the people we support.

Oasis can help build your organisation or community group's capacity in identifying and supporting people who may be experiencing harm from gambling.

We can deliver workshops on a range of topic areas, including but not limited to:

  • Gambling in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Signs and significance of gambling harm
  • Online gambling and gaming
  • How to support people through gambling harm, including relapse prevention 
  • How to screen effectively for gambling harm
  • Gambling harm referral processes
  • Options for support at Oasis and other gambling harm services

These workshops can be provided in a format (e.g. in person or online) and length that suits the needs and availability of your team.

Please get in touch with Oasis to book a workshop for your organisation.