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Common Signs of Gambling Harm

You're not alone if you are experiencing these common signs of gambling harm.

Many New Zealanders enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment. However, for some the impact from gambling can affect you and your family and whānau.  Below are some of the common signs your gambling may not be just for fun anymore.

  • You are preoccupied with thoughts of gambling a lot of the time.
  • You are lying or hiding your gambling from others.
  • You tend to talk about gambling with others a lot of the time.
  • You have mounting debts or minimal savings.
  • You end up spending more time or money on gambling that you intended.
  • You gamble when you feel worried, sad or anxious.
  • You have gradually increased your spending on gambling in order to get the same ‘rush’ or good feeling from it. 
  • Over time, you have bet more in order to make up for past losses.
  • You have tried to stop or reduce your gambling in the past without success.
  • You become irritable or restless when you try to cut back on your gambling.
  • You have found that gambling is causing negative impact on your work, relationships or study.
  • You have asked to borrow money from others to enable you to gamble.
  • You are feeling depressed or even suicidal about your gambling.
  • Your gambling is causing you legal problems. 

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