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Community Action: Pause the Pokies

The Salvation Army Oasis supports community-led approaches to gambling harm. We aim to help communities build connections, enhance whānau ora and wellbeing, and create opportunities to have fun in ways that aren’t harmful to whānau.

During Gambling Harm Awareness Week, The Salvation Army Oasis joins forces with allied gambling services and other community partners to invite gambling venues across New Zealand to take part in the Pause the Pokies campaign.

Pause the Pokies urges gaming venues to turn off the pokies for one hour during Gambling Harm Awareness Week in order to raise community awareness of gambling harm.

This one hour takes place during the hours that the machines are normally operational, and at a time agreed between the gaming venue and the regional Pause the Pokies coordinator.

In 2019, there were 83 venues involved in the pause. This was a great result, although with over a thousand pokie venues in New Zealand, the initiative definitely has potential to grow.

If you would like to participate in this year’s Pause the Pokies, either as a venue or community partner, please contact Oasis.