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Harm Minimisation at Gambling Venues

Venues and online gambling providers in New Zealand are required to have safeguards in place to ensure that their customers are not experiencing harm from gambling. This is known as host responsibility.

Depending on the type of gambling, these harm minimisation measures can include: 

  • Exclusion and blocking procedures to allow gamblers to exclude themselves from gambling venues, take a break from their online/phone accounts, or block themselves from games;

  • Limit setting options (time or money), such as the TAB’s Set Your Limits programme or MyLotto’s spending limits;

  • Host responsibility requirements for staff to approach people experiencing difficulties related to gambling, and provide information about gambling harm and where to seek help;
  • Supervising the gambling area and keeping records of potentially risky behaviour such as repeated ATM withdrawals, distress, and long hours of play (host responsibility);

To learn more about the range of self-exclusion and limit-setting options to help you cut back on gambling, please read our pages on self-exclusion from gambling venues and online gambling blockers.

The Salvation Army Oasis can support venue staff in their efforts to keep gamblers safe. We recognise that it can be challenging for people who work in the hospitality industry to intervene with patrons. Our public health workers are committed to helping venues meet their harm minimisation requirements and improve their host responsibility. 

Ways we can help your venue:

  • Suggesting ways to cultivate a safe gambling environment for patrons.
  • Information about gambling harm support services, gambling helplines, and face-to-face counselling organisations, including Oasis.
  • Education around the laws and protocols regarding exclusion, including Multi Venue Exclusion (MVE), and host responsibility in gambling venues.
  • Procedures for referring individuals or affected family members to Oasis for face-to-face counselling.
  • Support for gaming societies to develop, review and deliver harm minimisation training for venue staff.

On request, Oasis workers can also deliver educational workshops to groups of venue employees, which can be tailored to suit the group’s needs and schedule.

Click here for information on Choice Not Chance’s Gamble Host Packs and other resources.

If you would like to find out more about how counselling works at Oasis, check out our FAQs.

Contact your local Oasis to learn more about how we can support you and your staff.