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Healthy Public Policy

The Salvation Army Oasis recognises that laws, regulations and public policies have a vital role in protecting the community against gambling harm, as well as enabling overall health and wellbeing.

We regularly provide evidence-based policy advice to local councils, central government, and other organisations to ensure that the healthy choice is the easy choice for our communities.

Submissions are a way for individuals, groups or organisations to express their views and concerns about a particular issue. Submissions can be written and then reinforced by an oral presentation.

One of the ways Oasis provides policy advice is through submissions. When a decision-making body such as a local council, Parliament, government department or the Gambling Commission wants feedback about an issue or ideas for improvement, they may ask the public or specific stakeholders for this information in the form of a submission.

How to write a submission


The organisation conducting the consultation will usually provide a consultation or discussion document giving an overview of the issue. If the consultation concerns a new bill, proposal, policy, etc., a draft copy will be provided. Make sure you read through these documents to understand what is being proposed and how much time you have to prepare your submission. Then think about and brainstorm your own response.

Some things you might consider:

  • Whether you support the proposal, and why.
  • What parts you agree or disagree with, and why.
  • How the topic affects you, your family and whānau, or your community.
  • The positive or negative impacts of a proposed change. 
  • Suggestions for improvement. 

You may also wish to check your facts with things like academic research or news articles, and discuss the issue with your friends, family and whānau, or community.

Write your response

Often there is no set format for submissions, however they should be clear and concise. It is good practice to include the following:

  • A heading that describes the consultation (or title of the bill, proposal, etc.) that you are responding to.
  • Your name and contact details, and whether you would like to speak to your submission in person (i.e. make an oral submission).
  • An introduction that briefly describes your background (if relevant) and outlines your key points.
  • A discussion of each of your points, in logical order. For example, if you are responding to a bill, you might discuss your thoughts on clause one first.
  • A conclusion that summarises your points and restates any recommendations you have made.

Check your work for spelling, grammar, and clarity. If you mention outside sources (e.g. news articles), you should provide details of where the information can be found.


Submissions are usually sent by email, online, or post. If you are sending your submission via post, be sure to send at least two copies and post it well ahead of the deadline.

Source: Toi Te Ora Public Health

Recent policy submissions by The Salvation Army Oasis

May 2020  – Application by SkyCity to suspend Wharf casino licence

Oasis provided to the Gambling Commission regarding SkyCity's application to retain its licence for Wharf casino, even if the lease for the premises expires. 

February 2020 – Racing Industry Bill 

Oasis and The Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit provided feedback to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee on the Racing Industry Bill.  

November 2019 – Application by SkyCity to substitute gaming machines for gaming tables at the Hamilton casino

Oasis provided feedback to the Gambling Commission regarding SkyCity’s application to deploy 60 additional gaming machines in substitution for three Blackjack tables at the Hamilton casino.

The Gambling Commission agreed to deny SkyCity's application. 

September 2019 – Online Gambling Consultation

Oasis and The Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit provided feedback to the Department of Internal Affairs on their Online Gambling Consultation.

June 2019 – Racing Reform Bill

Oasis and The Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit provided feedback to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee on the Racing Reform Bill.

If you would like a copy of one of these submissions or would like to know more, please get in touch with us.