Gambling Support

Nau mai, haere mai | Welcome

At The Salvation Army Oasis, we welcome people of all genders, cultures, and religions who are concerned about gambling harm. 

Family and whānau are welcome to attend in their own right for support or as part of a family session with or without the gambler present.  

We provide a supportive, caring, and non-judgemental environment to share your story and receive the support you need. 

You do not need to be vaccinated to access our services. You can access support via website, webchat, video calls, phone, text, email, and face-to-face appointments.

Oasis can help:

  • If you want to know more about the harm that gambling causes.
  • If you’re spending a lot of time gambling.
  • If you’d like help with quitting or reducing your gambling.
  • If gambling is affecting your relationships, work or study.
  • If you’re in debt as a result of gambling.
  • If your gambling is making you feel depressed, anxious or worried. 
  • If you are worried about someone you know who is gambling.
  • If you're going hungry and your children are going without the essentials.

Support and guidance from Oasis is proven to be effective in minimising the harm from gambling for those impacted by their own or somebody else's gambling. View our stories of change. 

Our services

Our team supports and encourages wellbeing and reduces petipeti whakararu (gambling harm) through education, self reflection and the use of creative and research based therapies. Read more about our services and types of therapies.

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