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Online Gambling Blockers

Here are a range of options to help you limit your online gambling. Some tools can also be used to block access to other harmful websites.

Broad Online Gambling Blockers


Gamban blocks all gambling apps and websites worldwide, including niche ones like cryptocurrencies and e-sports betting. Gamban can be installed across all your devices, including; computers, mobile phones and tablets, working on Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS. With just one licence, you can register as many devices as you like at no extra cost.

There are two ways to use Gamban— either the 'Cool Off' or the 'Exclusion' option. For a short break, there's the 'Cool Off' monthly subscription, costing $5.19 monthly. If you're looking for longer-term protection, there's the 'Exclusion' yearly subscription, which costs $4.34 monthly or about $50 annually. Once installed, it cannot be removed until the end of your subscription.

You can trial Gamban free for 7 days here.





GamBlock is a comprehensive blocking option with very tight protection that cannot be bypassed by VPNs or proxies. Once installed, it cannot be removed for the chosen period. There are a number of subscription options and it is available on most devices, though it is best suited for Windows and Android. An annual subscription starts at around $142 for each device. 




Betblocker is a free tool that can be used across all your devices to block yourself from gambling sites and advertising. It also has a parental control function that allows you to switch the tool on and off using a password. You can block yourself for as little as 24 hours to as long as five years. Once installed it cannot be removed for the chosen period.



Betfilter is another tool that can be used to block gambling sites, apps and servers on all your devices. A yearly subscription costs about $117 per device.



NZ-Based Blockers


There are a number of blocking options available via your MyLotto account. You can block yourself from games, lower your spending limits and exclude yourself from email advertising. Read more by visiting Lotto’s ‘Responsible Gaming’ page.




TAB also has several options for limiting your play available via their website. You can set/decrease spending limits, ‘take a break’, and remove yourself from promotional emails at any time via your online account dashboard. Visit the TAB website or call the TAB helpdesk on 0800 102 106 for more information.

Other Blocking Options

You can also use online content control services like Net Nanny, Netsafe, Norton Family and others to limit your access to both gambling and any other websites that might be causing you problems.

Discover more ways that you can reduce the harm of gambling in your life by calling Oasis on 0800 53 00 00 or by reading more of our resources